Post Representatives

glifaa manages our Post Representative Program in order to facilitate a network of members at posts throughout the world. This network is a valuable part of the organization by helping glifaa members find out more information about posts for assignment purposes, promoting outreach at posts around the world, facilitating advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. and overseas, and connecting post representatives to one another as well as the Board.

Post Representatives have taken on the following important roles overseas:
• Serve as a glifaa point of contact overseas, responding to emails from glifaa Members and other interested parties about LGBT+ life at post.
• Field questions from employees interested in seeking an assignment at post.
• Advocate for the interest of glifaa members and LGBT+ employees with post management, and seek full implementation of relevant regulations, policies, and procedures in accordance with the Foreign Affairs Manual and Equal Employment Opportunity Policies.
• Host social events and activities within the post community.
• Assist post with outreach to the local LGBT+ community or advocacy organizations.

glifaa Post Representatives are encouraged to operate independently and creatively, and often take on exciting projects when opportunities and personal interest allow.

Current glifaa Post Representatives
See our most up-to-date list of active glifaa Post Reps. Don’t see your post listed? That means we do not currently have an Active Post Rep there. If you are interested in serving as a glifaa Post Rep and are currently serving at a Post for which we do not have a Post Rep listed, please reach out to us.

In addition, see the most updated Best Practices and Resources for glifaa Post Representatives. Do you have any best practices or helpful resources that you would like to share with other Post Representatives that are not included here? Send us the glifaa Post Reps Coordinator an email to include.

Questions? Concerns? Please feel free to contact the glifaa Post Reps Coordinator at