At A Glance

Overview: glifaa is a non-profit, voluntary, membership organization with no paid staff or officials.  Our membership consists primarily of personnel and family from the Department of State, USAID, Foreign Commercial Service, Foreign Agricultural Service, Peace Corps, and other federal offices and agencies with foreign affairs components.  A Board of Directors elected by the membership annually directs and carries out most of glifaa’s work.  They are aided by a network of Post Representatives in most U.S. embassies and missions abroad and in State Department offices in the U.S. beyond Washington, D.C.

Activities: glifaa engages continually with Washington officials on issues concerning our members.  We hold general meetings every month to consult and update the membership.  Monthly happy hours provide networking opportunities bringing together our members and people from like-minded organizations.  Other activities include Pride Month, our annual “Pink Party,” participation in seminars and briefings and organizing  film and speaker events.

Issues:  Current areas of focus include the following:

  • Protecting rights of all LGBT+ members;
  • Accreditation for the LGBT+ families serving abroad;
  • Protection and promotion of equality for the Foreign Service National/Third Country National/Locally Employed LGBT+ staff; and
  • Development and effective implementation of LGBT+ training for all member agencies.