Glifaa Statement on Transgender Day of Visibility 2023

On this year’s Transgender Day of Visibility, the glifaa board recognizes the achievements and contributions of our trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming colleagues who advance U.S. interests around the world.  We also reflect on the history of the organizations for which we work, as well as that of glifaa itself.  For the first time in our organization’s 31-year history, two of our nine board members are trans women.  While we have taken important strides toward greater inclusion, the reality is that trans and other gender minorities remain grossly underrepresented in foreign affairs agencies and continue to endure countless inequities.  We all have a responsibility to ensure our workplaces and organizations become, and remain, spaces where our trans colleagues can thrive.  We owe it to our colleagues, as well as to those we serve, to live up to the values that we champion. 

The current administration has affirmed that trans rights are human rights.  We could not agree more, which is why we also cannot ignore the fact that these very rights – to receive critical healthcare, to express oneself, and even to exist – are under attack across our country.  So far this year, eight states have passed anti-trans laws, with hundreds of other bills advancing in state houses across the country.  The bills disproportionately target trans youth, and restrict civil rights and access to medical care.

So, to our trans colleagues who unwaveringly choose to serve each day:  thank you, we see you and all that you do for us and for our country.  And to the young trans people in our families and communities:  know that there’s a place for you here, and a growing number of committed, tireless advocates on your side.

–The glifaa Board–