2023 glifaa Small Grants Fund Application Info

Application Deadline is March 30, 2023

The glifaa Fund provides a mechanism to reimburse glifaa Post Representatives for expenses incurred in support of host-country LGBTQIA+ advocacy organizations or events. Grants will be issued subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Eligibility: Grants will only be issued to glifaa post representatives who are current members of glifaa up to date on dues payment.  If a non-glifaa member wishes to support a local LGBTQIA+ focused event or organization, the non-glifaa member must seek funding through the resident glifaa Post Representative. glifaa Post Representative positions may be held by most personnel at Post. For more information on post representatives, please see https://glifaa.org/about/post-representatives/

  2. Amount: Each Post may receive up to $1,000 in small grants funding per calendar year. The glifaa Board will set aside $11,000 of the 2023 budget to support these grants; this amount may be revised in subsequent years.

  3. Qualifying Activities: Examples of requests that could qualify for funding include: purchasing equipment or supplies for a local NGO-sponsored event, venue rentals, publication costs, or requests related to Post employees’ participation in an LGBTQIA+ Pride or other LGBTQIA+-related event. Priority will be given to requests that are innovative, are likely to have the greatest impact in the host country, and for those requests that are unlikely to be supported by funds available from another source. Glifaa is unlikely to fund requests that are repeats of previous years, are unsustainable, or which would undermine Post priorities or glifaa’s mission in any way. Glifaa is also unlikely to support requests to fund activities related to advancing the U.S. government’s internal workplace goals related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility; glifaa supports these activities but believes it is the responsibility of the employer, rather than of an employee organization, to fund DEIA programming in support of creating a better work environment.

Grant activity(ies) must take place by June 30, 2024. Full guidelines and application instructions below. For more information, please contact the glifaa Board at board@glifaa.org.