glifaa announces results of 2022-2023 board elections

Dear glifaa members,

Thank you to the glifaa members who voted in this year’s elections, and thank you to all the 2022-2023 glifaa board candidates for running. Please find the results of the 2022 glifaa elections below.

Candidates Elected by Majority Vote

  • Lucia Piazza as President
  • Anthony Musa as Vice President for State
  • Jessica Morrison as Vice President for USAID and other U.S. government agencies
  • Brian Bolton as Secretary/Treasurer
  • Andrea Arredondo as Director of Communications
  • Catriona Bullock as Director of Social and Outreach
  • Seth Wyngowski as Director of Policy
  • Dan Buchman as Post Representative Coordinator
  • Jessica Copeland as Parent and Family Members Coordinator

Amendments to the By-laws Approved by Majority Vote

Amendment #1: to make the governing committee position “Post Representatives Coordinator” an elected officer of the board. The position will move to Article V section 3 of the by-laws. The position description will read “A Post Representative Coordinator, who will oversee glifaa’s Post Representative program by maintaining a publicly available and up-to-date list of glifaa Post Representatives overseas, introducing new glifaa Post Representatives to their role, and engaging in regular communication with Post Representatives on behalf of the board.”

Amendment #2: to make the governing committee position “Family Members Coordinator” an elected officer of the board. The position title will become “Parent and Family Members Coordinator” and the position will be moved to Article V section 3 of the by-laws. The position description will become “A Parent and Family Members Coordinator, who will be the board’s main point of contact for all issues of importance to glifaa members with children, LGBTQIA+ eligible family members, and similar dependent family members other than spouses.”

Amendment #3: to change every instance of “LGBT” in the glifaa by-laws to “LGBTQIA+”

Amendment #4: to change Article I of the by-laws (Name) to read: “The name of the organization shall be glifaa, all lowercase except where standard rules of American English grammar require capitalization, hereafter referred to as ‘the organization.'”

Amendment #5: to add the conflict of interest policy as Article X of glifaa’s bylaws. The full text of conflict of interest policy can be found on glifaa’s website.

Congrats to the new board on their success, and a huge thanks to all who participated! On behalf of the 2021-2022 glifaa board, we’d like to sincerely thank all our members for allowing us the opportunity to serve you and the broader LGBTQIA+ community. Over the next few weeks, we will be helping the new board get up to speed in order to ensure a smooth transition and allow the new board to assume their roles in early October. Please be on the lookout for an introductory email from the 2022-2023 board to mark the official transition.


Your glifaa board​