glifaa’s Small Grants Fund Supports HIV Patients in Hubei Province

In February 2020, glifaa members from Mission China applied for an emergency consideration of a small grant to support a group of volunteers in Hubei province to deliver medications to HIV patients.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Wuhan and Hubei province in China were under lockdown.  There are approximately 20,000 HIV patients in Hubei that are in need of medicines that were running low and were difficult to obtain as the health care system was over-burdened by combatting COVID-19.

The grant funded the purchase of protective gear to support four volunteers that worked every day at a local hospital in 8 hour shifts to help secure medicines for HIV patients.

After getting approved by the board, the grant supplemented efforts by members of Mission China to fully support the work of this volunteer action and secure the continued care for patients in need.

glifaa is proud of its members and such actions that directly impact local communities around the world.