Advocacy to Secretary Kerry’s Transition Team

glifaa has been working hard over the years to advocate for important policy changes that affect the lives of LGBT foreign affairs employees and their families. Some important letters and joint statements are linked below.

  • glifaa met with Director General of the Foreign Service to discuss lingering issues affecting FSOs and their Same-Sex Domestic Partners.
  • Secretary Kerry responded to glifaa’s memo and position paper. See Secretary Kerry’s response below.
  • glifaa presented a memo and Position Paper to Secretary Kerry’s Team outlining the difficulties facing LGBT Foreign Affiars employees as well as the current status of regulations, including action that must be taken should the Supreme Court overturn DOMA.
  • Approximately 2,200 current and former personnel of USG foreign affairs agencies signed a joint letter to Secretary Clinton advocating for equal treatment for same-sex partners. Together, they stated that “no colleague of ours is a second-class colleague.” Download (pdf)
  • Several Members of Congress sent a letter to Ambassador Susan Rice, the Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations, encouraging her to extend domestic partnership benefits to employees of the U.S. Mission to the U.N. Download (pdf)
  • Senators Russ Feingold and Ron Wyden and Representatives Tammy Baldwin and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen wrote a letter to Secretary Clinton supporting equal rights for LGBT foreign affairs employees. Download (pdf)
  • The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) and glifaa made a joint statement on the Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act and the Uniting American Families Act to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs on October 9, 2008. Download (pdf)
  • glifaa presented a package to the Presidential Transition Team outlining the difficulties facing LGBT Foreign Affiars employees as well as the current status of regulations. Download (pdf) Download Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation(ppt)

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